Ripple Waterfalls

Ripple Waterfalls in Munnar, Kerala, India is a magnificent waterfall that can be seen 19 miles from the Munnar Bus Station. It is among the most beautiful waterfalls in the Idukki district and the top destinations in Munnar. Overlooking the Muthirappuzhayar River, the ever-present Ripple Waterfall is created. It is a beautiful place to spend some time away from the bustle of city life and in the unspoiled beauty of nature, and it is maintained by the forest department. Near the waterfall, KTDC has constructed trails and fences. A pavilion is available for viewing the area's far-off beauty. There are 2 waterfalls; one has been turned into a waterfall park, while the other, less than a kilometre away, is the genuine waterfall. One must descend few stairs from the road to reach this waterfall. Although the mountain had a moderate climb, the falls had a very steep plunge that was reminiscent of a rollercoaster. The water petered out into a serene sphere of motionlessness, in contrast to the raucous and rough rapids at the base of the falls.

Aside from its magnificent scenery, the area is renowned for a variety of adventure sports that adventure seekers from across the world favour. Indulging in these adventure activities in Munnar, Southern India's largest tea-growing region, is a true pleasure. Embark on an exciting river crossing experience as you begin your vacation in Munnar. While you're doing it, the exercise provides you a burst of adrenaline. While being attached to a safety rope, the players must traverse a river.

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