Rivulet Resort

Chithirapuram - Munnar - Kerala

Rivulet Resort

Rivulet resort is ideally placed around 18 km away from Munnar town. Without disrupting the beauty and virginity of the hills, the property provides you all the amenities to make you comfortable and helping you to explore and experience Munnar. This beautiful resort inside a forest will definitely make you feel one with the nature. Experience the quality accommodation at Rivulet without troubling the natural habitat.


The meals in Rivulet have a vest history of flavours, taste and culture. Sustainable eating habits are always ensured here. Leaving harmful 'food-prints' by throwing great amount of cooked food to waste is a strict no here. At Rivulet, you will get the best organic vegetables and you will be able to follow a healthy and nutritious diet during your stay here. Just try to leave home rejuvenated…

Rivulet Resort


  • Conferences
  • You can plan any corporate function – be it meeting, conference or a mere team-building event at Rivulet. The refreshing nature of the Munnar and the tranquility of the resort will be a perfect place for arranging all these functions, which will always remain in your memory. Rivulet has conference facilities to organise all kinds of workshops/ seminars/ training programmes and so on.

  • Nature Walking
  • At Rivulet you can walk along the trees bearing avocados, peaches, plums, oranges, apples, mangosteen, jackfruit and the likes. Taste them on the way or have them served the way you like at our beautiful dining space.

  • Bird Watching
  • Watch and listen the sounds of exquisite flying marvels such as the Malabar Whistling Thrush, the Yellow browed Bulbul, the Scarlet Minivet, the Rufous Babbler, the Tickel's Flycatcher, the Tail Wagger, the Magpie Robin and so on. Try to go back to the busy life with memories of your little chit-chat with the birds.

  • Spice Experiences


There are 24 premium cottages here to cater all your needs. You can find here expansive living room space, a sit-out facing the river and the hills. The cottages, consisting of two rooms have been named after spices grown in Munnar. The interiors of spice villas will have a characteristic touch of their respective spice names. Modern amenities and luxurious king size beds awaits to pamper you.

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